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Borderless Business = Logistics Expertise + US-based + International Partners + Multi-Lingual

Our procurement solutions provide support to meet the supply needs for businesses throughout their global supply chains by reducing costs and optimizing delivery needs.

Supplier Network

Our large supply network allows us to find the right product for the right price anywhere in the world. Whatever your manufacturing needs are, from food ingredients to machine parts to stand up paddleboards, GGT will provide an affordable and seamless solution.


GGT can be your purchasing and import department. Studies find the outsourcing of this business function can significantly reduce your operating expenses, so let GGT partner with you so that your business can concentrate efforts and resources on your core competency.


Sourcing your products and suppliers is only the first step in international business, but getting it to the final destination is the key in making each transaction a success. GGT’s commitment to a successful partnership along with every individual order is to ensure the delivery of goods is timely and visible to the client throughout the duration of the transit. 

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At GGT, our many decades in the freight management industry differentiate our business platform from the competition. With more than three decades of strategic logistics partnerships in place, your product will not only deliver timely but with little to no involvement from shipper to consignee to customer. We strive to make your decision to choose GGT an easy one and through the following you will find why our clients feel the same.

Documentation Preparation

All paperwork necessary to make your purchase order flow between and through countries seamlessly is managed through the services provided by GGT.

  • QA/QC technical requirements
  • Bill of Ladings
  • Customs Paperwork
  • Commercial Invoice

Location Enabled Services

No matter where your shipment is coming from or going to, GGT will ensure the most cost effective and reliable port is utilized for each shipment.

24×7 Visibility

With the strategic transportation partnerships via GGT our customers find a reliable user specific web portal for locating orders, documentation, and reporting all in one place. Additionally, our staff is always available from Christmas to Labor Day, you will have someone to speak with no matter what need should arise.

Payment Services

Carrier and forwarding company freight bills can be complex and made difficult to audit based on different rules tariffs and country specific requirements. When utilizing the GGT Full Service Logistics Management Service these issues are irrelevant. The GGT audit and payment process of freight bills provides our customers with a single audited invoice to reduce administrative costs and resources.

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The volatility of a global market is becoming more and more of a reality to both businesses and individuals everyday. To successfully manage a business in this global economy it takes a variety of skill sets and areas of expertise. GGT has been relied upon as a trusted industry leader in achieving both long-term goals and overcoming short-term obstacles for small to medium sized businesses throughout the world.

The objective in all consultative services is to provide a suitable Return on Investment based on the circumstance of the project at-hand. Whether it is to increase sales revenue in a specific country via an optimized distribution network, or reduce costs on a gain share platform, GGT will provide the flexibility and tools to achieve your organizations end goal.

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GGT has expertise in direct or brokered purchase and sale transactions according to the client’s preferences or needs.

We partner with companies in their import/export trade and logistics operations by managing all aspects of the products’ exchange.

  • Supplier Contracts
  • Administrative Detail
  • Warehousing
  • International Freight Agreements
  • Cargo Delivery

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