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Oregon Potato Company.

NW USA - June 2014


Oregon Potato Company (OPC) is an innovative grower / processor of potatoes, select vegetables & fruits. OPC is committed to innovation, quality, cost effectiveness and customer service. With the addition of Dickinson Frozen Foods, they continue expansion providing superior products to superior customers. As a private grower-based organization, OPC is focused from farming through total processing. OPC uses sustainable agricultural practices to build upon its core strength, farming. The company prides itself on innovation, quality and customer service.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are incorporated throughout OPC’s farming operation which spans several NW states. These farms are a foundation to the company’s extensive array of processing operations dedicated to dehydrated processing techniques; dehydrofrozen processing, IQF potato, vegetable and onion processing, roasting and seasoning capabilities exist across all product lines.

OPC’s in-house blending operation allows for custom developed products for industrial, food-service and retail markets. This is supported with broad packaging capabilities ranging from bulk totes and cases to smaller food service and retail pack configurations.
The GGT team visited an OPC plant – Pasco Processing, Inc, located at the Pasco Processing Center (PPC), a 250-acre food processing park along US-395, provides food processors with in-place environmental permits enabling companies to fast-track plant construction.

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