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Our procurement solutions provide support to meet the supply needs for businesses throughout their global supply chains by reducing costs and optimizing delivery needs.



With more than three decades of strategic logistics partnerships in place, your product will not only
deliver timely, but with little to no involvement from shipper to consignee to customer.



GGT has been relied upon as a trusted industry leader in achieving both long-term goals and overcoming short-term obstacles for small to medium sized businesses throughout the world.



GGT has expertise in direct or brokered purchase and sale transactions according to the client’s preferences or needs.


Partner Feedback

Due to globalization, many companies dream of expanding to new markets. However, accessing them is an almost impossible task due to various barriers related to cultural differences, customs, legal and sanitary bureaucracies, market opportunities, logistics, and everything that involves international transactions. Given this scenario, PróLab Biotecnologia had the privilege of finding Gateway Global Trading in its path. A privilege because the professionalism in presenting and conducting solutions were centered in the heart of Gateway, in the person of its President Marcelo Baptista, who transfers its expertise, enthusiasm and honesty to all his team, making the company a cohesive body and extremely efficient. I am absolutely sure that many business opportunities will come and that a perennial relationship was formed between PróLab Biotecnologia and Gateway Global Trading. Congratulations Marcelo and team, keep it up!!!
Ruy Bravo(CEO of ProLab Biotecnologia – São Paulo/Brazil)

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HS Code, Landed Cost, Export Price,
Export / Import Controls

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